Art heals – you heal

Inspiring art has no healing powers. It was an illusion which to let go. Recognizing the capabilities of artwork as medicine. The medicine never heals. It is always the person who does the work of healing. May art inspire or give a revelation to that. Can be wrong – as I really do not know how this complex universe of healing and health is working at the end. Still, I create with the blessings and prayers that some of the creations invite the spectator into a space where healing can happen. May my and our understanding in how healing works will grow and our minds develop to their full potential.

an artist during the inception phase of a new painting

So it is not the art which heals. Normaly art is a very dead matter. Done in the past. What is happening in the present moment is a relation between the artwork and the spectator. In this relation, depending on the quality of the artist, the artwork and the spectator a connection is opening. An energy flow. A space which whouldn’t exist without the conditions of our time, the artist, the artwork and the space where both of them meet.

Art can inspire or transport some energies in this process between creation and presentation – but it is relatively static combined for example with a walk in nature.

I guess that is important. Artwork is not living. But it is a new language, a new experience. And by that, it can put the viewer into a new experience which he has forgot or has not experienced before.

the ocean

Art is joy

Art is a continuous process of creating. Imagining. Bringing to reality. Exhibit. Destroy. Choose. Recreate. Wonder. Test. Inspire. Get Frustrated. Make a break. Or just enjoy some time in the atelier without any idea or any vision at all. Or enjoy the luxury of not even showing the art or the process of creating to anybody. What a rate opportunity to keep a personal secret.

a tree and symbol of the break up of a long relationship