Art can not heal – you can

It was a longing to create inspiring art with healing powers. It was another illusion which I let go. Recognizing the capabilities of me and my creations. Understanding how healing works. With my little mind.

an artist during the inception phase of a new painting

So it is not the art – which heals.

It is happening inside the artist and inside the viewer of art. May art can inspire or transport some energies in this very distanced process between creation and presentation – but may be not.

I guess that is not that important.

the ocean

Art is joy and work

So it is a continous process of creating. Imagining. Bringing to reality. Exhibit. Destroy. Choose. Recreate. Wonder. Test. Inspire. Get Frustrated. Make a break. Or just enjoy some time in the atelier without any idea or any vision at all.

a tree and symbol of the break up of a long relationship

Art can be baught.

As the different works are getting more and more and I am not yet decided where to sell the work – please check out my shop at


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