A lot of years passed – and there is less and less to say

whom should I teach, what could I point out
the silence after and in a good show of storytelling
is the most joyous act

art and poetry 

To describe art or poetry is boring – more boring than most of the art and poems already are
composed loneliness
struggles to be seen
to be perfect
and mostly overdriven is size and concept
leaving less space for live as the basic wonder in itself.
It starts with a blank paper.
And it ends with a colored paper on some wall. Framed.
Valued by money. May sorrounded with idiotic stories and concepts around.
Without direction or motivation  the pencil touches the paper and moves until a special moment calls to stop. The unplanned choose of color. Of placement and of rejection. Acceptance and the rythm of transition.

acts of emptiness

May it is the silence in which the last emotions drop, may the fun of a loaded workday which want to  express in a different way. Somtimes the curiosity of detecting view in worlds and relations which went to narrow for one ore another reason. In my work the relations evolve naturally and are sometimes enriched by friendly or disturbing elements.


contemporary created poetrees

when I put anger in this world
as the only one who hurts
is me 
the Buddhists tell this story
that being angry is like holding a hot coal and trying to throw it against somebode
the only one who is burning his hand is the one who holds angry
turn around
transform these years of unseeness, unheardness, chanceless moments
of not knowing, trying, suffering and sleeping
to STOP 
wake up
and be
like the shooten piano
like the grass never green
like a baby who is thrown into this world

like a seed
and when you take time
see what you need
whom you like to have around
what does good and what does the opposite
until contemporary time
comes by 
bye bye


the beast in me

canvass more arrogant
closed that pain away from this world
betrayal games seen in most eyes 
unlearning to tust
Trees and women 

hate and love 

born in black blue and white.
Start dropping the flow

three children unborn
one daughter died
two sons on their way
inga inga inga problem 

the bitter taste of sudden death
better to burn out but still fading away
tears and fears

Asleep Awake

a way to survive
a way to be

perfectly lost

the own habits
forming experiments

 can’t fail
 can’t kill
 can’t cry
worthless completed but holy uncomplete

coming back to reveal
coming back to play
why there is no reason
to be lost

just state the price and keep
four three three
four three three
without me on any card



 art and poetry

art and poety

I S  N O W

it started
it ends
it is a journey
with countless births
countless deaths
to learn
to live
the darkness and light
and boredom in between
the next step
can be taken
and the end of art
is a welcome friend
called isnow

modert partnership
modert partnership

More poetry and art

more poetry 
art and depression

poetry on ronja


art Dedication – inspired by Buddhist dedication prayer

may these words and art
put the happy inside of you
and remind you
of all the happy
always there

and may we be free
free from suffering
and grow in peace
in loving kindness
in wisdom

and wise actions
beyond words
beyond activity

dedicated to the family of human beings
and all beings
prayers for our love
our well being in peace

Thank you

the mother of my children
my mother my father my families 
my sons Per, Finn, my daughter Ronja
my patient colleagues and friends
my wise  teachers
my unknown supporters

the blessing of
Life and prosperity my bless you


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