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poetry and art -a journey in combining art and poetry

My uniqe point of view is the combination of avstract art and poetry. It startet all with music, and in most of the artworks you can see the combination of different elements like in a pop song or a more complex opera. There is a intro, somwhere placed at the space, a rythm in color or structure and a melody, some with words, others with lines leading you into an inner part of your emotional state of beeing alive.

art and poetree

H O W   I    S T A R T E D  to create contemporary Artworks – poetry and art


You can canIt was after my studies. I left the rock band I was singer and songwriter in, prepared for my exams and dived into work life after wonderful years in Munich as a student. Moved from the city in a little suburbian environment where a friend gave me some canvass and some pigments. Never did a lot of painting before I went into it. Experimenting and learning without books or teachers. At that time my work was colourful – as I didn’t use any white at any time and my idol was my uncle Hans from Sweden. I admired his symbolic paintings and tried to imitate his style. Trees and women – that was the recurring symbols of the early phases.


These themes stayed over the years in most of my artworks. They grow and developed. In shape, in courage, in the level of detail and abstraction. But always they were a constant. Some years without colour, in black blue and white. Other phases full of  Color. After some time I took those canvasses and started to write on them. Most of my stories came there. Starting with a word, a sentence and then letting the story flow on canvass. As this was a new experience there was a space without the rating mind, full creativity and creating within the frame of the canvass.

After a good decade, the words were gone – as my daughter was gone. It took 16 years for them to return. For me to courage to write again. Poetry and art came up by coincidence again. I was asked by friends to create poems for friends who passed away. For an art catalogue of the art association where I was a member.




a way to survive
a way to be inspired
out of the own habits
experimenting with what is

words on paper
colours in space
dropped meaning
in a drawing

coming back to myself
showing hidden spaces

coming back
to love

the present


 art and poetry

W H E R E  art and artwork  I S  N O W – art poem


it started
it will end
it is a journey
from birth to death
continuing to learn
live and love
and the end
art is a welcome friend


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Dedication Prayer

may these words and art
put the happy inside of you
and remind you
of all the happy
always there

and may we be free
free from suffering
and grow in peace
in loving kindness
in wisdom

and wise actions
beyond words
and art

dedicated to my family
and all beings
prayers for our love
our well being in peace

and love to Thank

my wife Sandra Nonhoff
my sons Per and Finn
my daughter Ronja
my parents

my teachers
my friends and colleagues

the blessing I experience
thank you

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