muses and museums

Video Installation – Musen und Museen von Björn Nonhoff

Video Installation Musen and Museen – by contemporary artist Björn Nonhoff

a unique video with famous museums combined

with famous installatons

original sound

and natural video effects

30 minutes journey to the deep truth

of our being

#videoart 2018


It is about impermanence

It is about karma

it is about the wonder of life

it is about music

it is about art

it is about silence

it is about you

About Muses and Museums

The films were shot during 2017 and 2018 in different museums around europe. It contains scenes from the Tate Modern in London, Haus der Kunst, Galleries, Neue Pinakothek, Hypo Kunsthalle  and Brandhorst musum in munich, the art Bienalle 2017 in Venice, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, MoMUk in Salzburg and the Mumik in vienna.


The filming was done with an Iphone 7 and not additional sound was added. It contains the original recordings which are combined in a unique experimental way.

The story

What seems a coincidence is a journey deep into your inner being. What seems like a coincidental gathering of scenes is getting forward into your conception of life. It combines music, visual art, art installations and videos to a unique and new experience.


It is about impermanence

It is about karma

it is about the wonder of life

it is about music

it is about art

it is about silence

it is about you



The earth without art is only eh

Countries where the video art was shot

Germany, Italy, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Austria


Museums visited by video art

Tate Modern, London

Haus der Kunst, munich

Museum Brandhorst, munich

Biennale 2018, Venice

Museum der Moderne, Salzburg

Mumok, Vienna

German Pavillion, Faus Performance, Venice 2018

muses and museums
Musen und Museen

Muses who appear in this video art

My wife,

a red italian monster

Frau Wax – voice over

My son


The video artist and his video artwork

Ending the school we did our first video – we filmed our students on a sofa and they can perform whatever they like to. It ended to a 30 minutes collection of scenes from performances to funny stuff which we edited in one week on a apple computer with final cut pro.

After that I filmed the performances as a story teller and edited some trailers for my shows.

While travelling to india I made the sound of india and the sound of sweden and the sound of amsterdam.

All of those art videos are quite natural. No script, no extra lighning. Just Iphone videos cut together

Muses and museums is the first video where I used an extended cutting software and some editing more than putting the little scenes into order.

Premiere at the art exhibition in 2018

Out of 200 german artist this video was choosen by a jury to be part of the yearly exhibition in Kunstverein Ebersberg, the home region of the artist. One scene of the film contains a street crossing where the artist is asked, what he is filming. The answer is – the Ebersberger crossing for the yearly exhibition, so the people see their crossing.



Kontra K – Ratten

Pixies – horse in my head

Pixies – Sorrow

Afroman – I want to get High



As I know,

the jury of the yearly exhibition mentioned thatit is too long. Gave it a try as the Lehnbachhaus also shows videos with a length over 45 minutes in a recent exhibition.

My wife didn’t like her short scene as muse jumping around in Marseille, France otherwise is good with it.

My kids love the Kontra K Intro, which most ages gallery visitors can not enjoy.

Andrea mentioned – it is much to dark.

I love it – some parts of it and did it as I got the Station scene and the finishing scene with the lady asking me about the filming


As the film is whatever you see in it, I am interested in your feedback and your stories about the installation and video.

I will post and publish them here on this website.