lesson 7 was that we deconect from our ego. It is a game. And it is a real game where we get fun when we stay true. An our name or ego isn’T important anymore. It is the value and the community. The art itself.

truthfull #nftart #fairart

after being scammed with my NFT offer and invest it was more and more important to move away from the greed driven speculative energy bubble and stay at values like fairness, joy, authenticity and empowerment.

All experiences in the galleries and associations and art festivals we connected with led us to the insight to make the tabu driving force of value and money transparent and stick to fair rules and inclusive game changing invests into things which really matters.

Lineart #nftart #nftcollections for artists

create the art we want to experience - art the now - be truthfull - valuable and creative without selling your values to the robbers of an new economy

starting to accelerate my #zeitkunstreich opensea.io protofolio I was robbed by some fake instagramm accounts and diverse people or robots sitting somewhere in this world and selling me some services.
They got the currencies, crypto, dollar or euro and than – nothing or mostly nothing happened. May a little shit chat and a lot of promises to be broken and continuing tries to get even more out of me.

I experience sadness, angriness and thought this is exactly the waste of time we are not looking for.

Taking this energy and staying with my values led me to the #nfttruth #nftjoy and #nftart of truthfulness where a transformation and soft change can be experienced.

bringing it to an end – the end of #nft or the truth of time

Mission and Vision will come – but in life I start with birth, error, failure, pain – and there is no escape from it – no short way to freedom. It is already there to be left in any moment you go for something untrue, unreal, inauthentic – and that is most of our time.

Drop everything

every wish to be famous, to be seen, to be rich, to win

every experience to be unseen, of poorness, of loss, of pain

drop everything

there is nothing to do

stubborn misusage of artist by an misusing #nftindustry

you are here because you experienced it already.

The problem is the solution #nftfake #nftNoArt #nftart

lets get in real contact soon. We share a few minutes on a virtual call and the formulas will be sent upfront to you.

modern nft art – ai and non ai

Visit the recent collection of a professional mixture of modern art minted as NFT and exhibited in well known galleries. From AI generated video performances to hand made aliens you get what a collector and curator of modern digital art is promoting through their communities.

We set on Etherium as the Krypto Currency of our choice and strongly collaborate with opensea.

Trade and exhibit and collect our broad spectrum of art and joyful ideas and poetry.

Well known NFT art promoted on Twitter, Dischord and Instagram. The Alien Chomps.

Traditional Abstract Aquarell Art

Whurning Willy – an inspring IntuIT

Intuits – former known as Schamanis

A schamani is a mystical figure you can interact with. It inspires, answers, guides and go into silence with you. It is like art is meant to be – a dialog with the unknow.

You do not need to trust – joy and lust is enough to step into this experience. Give it a try and if you enjoy you may like to pre order the upcoming book of the Schamanis. May it is written in german, may in English, probably in both language. As Schamanis are very inclusive in there exclusive way.

Here you go to the Schamani Page of this website.

Dandelions – spread frequency by art – joy by nature

They are contemporary
They are flowers
They are entry points to different worlds

Dandelions – spreading frequencies

The intention of the dandelion art experiment is to spreading the medicine of art in a similar way the flower did. Each flower reflects a special medicine. Altogether their purpose is to rise the joy among the viewers. Invitation to an experimental viewing experience. Like dandelions, the seeds spread with the wind in different directions and influence in a subtle and soft way.

The special for the dandelion artworks capture the universal formulas of life. Shared and spread on virtual channels instagram, twitter, youtube like the seeds of dandelions each experience is moving into all 12 interdimensional directions. In real life, these seeds will grow and express in a rich experience.

Here you get more information on the dandelions aquarell works.

AI generated Video art Große Geste / Video Installation

In 2022 we experimented with Artificial Intelligence and AI generated art works and composed a video out of several computer generated images. Here you get more about the existing AI art videos.


Dandelion art experiment in the upcoming 13a gallery

Real-life exhibitions are regularly done in several galleries, living rooms and open spaces around the neighbourhood. If you like to host one of the exhibitions in your place and space please write an email to art@zeitreich.de. Thanks in advance.

Line Art

The heart of the art are powerful abstract line formations which illustrates a combination of symbols and words – a unique expression of a dialog with the unseen imagination of our heart and mind.

Lineart #nftart #nftcollections for artists

create the art we want to experience - art the now - be truthfull - valuable and creative without selling your values to the robbers of an new economy

#lineart and the illusions of life

Our universes is frequency. Our short existence is frequency. A dance through the unique universe and the #lineart works reflect this dance. Share and experience the joy and beauty of life – art is a celebration and inviting you to widen your view. A move towards recognizing the inner truth.

#lineart is just one unique expression. Praising the moment, honoring the past, capturing the future.

There is always an ongoing transformation process. The only moment to connect is now. So even the art of relation between you and yourself, you and the environment is developing constantly. As the art and the experience are happening in the space between.

each decision is a radical act of self-love.

your own original of a #lineart artwork

The artwork is carefully packed and delivered in about 14 days after payment. The originals are on quality aquarelle paper. We use a custom delivery service. You may choose your favourite piece and order it via email at info@zeitreich.de