They are contemporary
They are flowers
They are entry points to different worlds

on display for two days -june 22 – the upcoming exhibition of performer, storyteller, author and minimal artist Björn Nonhoff – founder of zeitreich, inventor of inspirational art and just another art experimentialist.

There were 3 special private and secret viewings.

Lineart – fake another art hype!

create the art we want to experience - art the now

#lineart and the illusions of life

Our universes is the canvass of our existence. let us put something into this canvass and make a difference. Let it happen. Share not good enough beauty, publish lo-fi art as moves towards enlightenment.

#lineart is praising the moment, trashing the past, capturing the future.

There is always an ongoing transformation process forgotten by now. Make a heART relation between you as the art and the viewer as the dead substance on the wall.

the decision to do art is a radical act of self love.

get your original of a #lineart artwork

They are delivered in 14 days, carefully packaged and signed by the artist. All you have to do is to choose your favourite piece and order it in the way which suits you best.