They are contemporary
They are flowers
They are entry points to different worlds

on display for two days – Friday 10.6. to Saturday 11.6 – the upcoming exhibition of performer, storyteller, author and minimal artist Björn Nonhoff – founder of zeitreich, inventor of inspirationalArt and just another experimentialist.

There are 3 special private viewings available on Saturday 11.6.2022 between 11 and 12 – 20 minutes each – for 120 euro. first come first guest – bookable via until 10.6.2022 18:00

Opening Hour
Friday 10.6. – 18 to 21 o’clock
Saturday 11.6 – 15 to 19 o’clock
at the famous Rampe of the perl or bavarian art associations – the kunstverein ebersberg

Location – easy to be reached with public transportation
Kunstverein Ebersberg e.V.
Galerie “Rampe”
im Klosterbauhof 6
85560 Ebersberg

Lineart – fake another new art hype!

create the future we want to experience - art the now

#lineart and the illusions of life

In some universes, paint and figures are put onto a canvass to make a difference. To share beauty, to provoke, to inspire or just as a form of expression. All kind of art is the move towards enlightenment.

#lineart is praising the moment, trashing the past, capturing the future.

There is always an ongoing transformation process – beyond that you wake up in all of the worlds. Every peace of creation is an entry point into that view. Combining the wisdom which will be formed in the past and forgotten by now.

Make a heART relation between the art and the viewer. Connect dots, cross bridges and leave the known of all of the worlds. Artform is an expression and journey of enlightenment. Like Buddha tried to express in his famous heART Sutra – Form is emptiness and emptiness is form.

Without making a drop of change art is worthless. Already watching art is supporting our brain to build new connections – the decision to do art – or better to create – is a radical act of self love.

Can an artwork itself do this change or inspire the observer to change? – it is your belief, trust and engagement in viewing and cultivating a life in a world that is itself one of the greatest universes we are able to experience. Now – even in this flat reflection of art via the inter net – or is it Indras net?

The good news is – that every artwork you experience and look at, can not leave you unchanged. Life is changing. Art is Change. Experience changes.

the displayed artworks and written words are dedicated to supporting life in difficult times in a deep, soft and wise manner.

how to get your original of a #lineart artwork?

The formats A6 to A3 are sent via delivery service in Europe and overseas. You can choose the recent work from the Instagram Channel or from the Web Shop.

They are delivered in 14 days, carefully packaged and signed by the artist.

All you have to do is to choose your favourite piece and order it via the way which suits you best.