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you see a piano on skies and a white canvass with a white chair in front in an exclusive gallery setting

AI-generated Art Works

Digital ART Destructrion

Traditional Splash Art


Ssssshhhhhh – pornart

you can visit some selections of NonAnoN pornart here 
and the erotic art of Nonanon here


A radical act of self-love is creating art.

NFT is dead – how NonAnon killed it

2024 NonAnoN decided to stop any effort on further NFT art on OpenSea,, and – The existing items may raise in value. Especially the 1 on 1 editions.

#NonAnoN #NFTs #InvestInArt #OpenSea #Objkt #FoundationApp

NFT art gallery is closing its doors before opening

NonAnoN – NFTart Collections

#NonAnoN #NFTs #InvestInArt #OpenSea #Objkt #FoundationApp

Impact of Art on our Health – sick by creating art

Dandelion art exhibition – a social experiment influencing the mental health of exhibition visitors

The NonAnoN Collection