About the #LineArt of the artist Björn Nonhoff

A wild combination of lines, curves and colours are the entry point and elements of the lineart artworks of the german artist Björn Nonhoff. A flow and energy, dynamic figures capture the space and leave a lot of untouched white spaces between those figures.

The vision of the Swedish german artist Björn Nonhoff is to transform emotions into a visible image inviting to an intimate walkthrough into an invisible world of colour and chaos. Always aware that these two dimensional images may transport countless possibilities of interpretation and views.

what is in the between?

Complex emotions and structures are transposed into multi-dimensional figures, areas in resonance with space and time. This selection of artwork invites into an own experimental universe. Lines create figures, monsters, movements and an own language of relations and situations leading to the question of – is there more to it?

the illusions of life

In their own universe, the figures are put into this world to make a heart relation between the canvass and the viewer. Art is from and form is art, emptiness in form and form is emptiness. Some of them are a vivid flow without logical structure. Other display a very simplified way of transformation.

The spectator is invited to make his own experience and connect to this world of form and colour.

Visible and invisible Ancestors

So many ancerstors have gone their way long before us – may they had the same questions, similar challenges, hard times and times of joy and fulfilment. These unreal sketches of figures and colors make a part of them more visible to get aware of our connection with them, to communicate over the borders of time and space. It is an invitation to a never-ending experience of life.