Art & Depression

Art and Depression

Art for freedom

a handshake with your inner darkness 

Art is a gift. Depression not. Depression is an illness. And it can be cured in most cases. This is no site with information on depression or how to cure the results and symptoms. It is a loose presentation of artworks and lines of poetry which may inspire you to create, survive or best to enjoy the present moment – which mostly isn’t possible while or because suffering from several forms of depression is having. Please do not hesitate to find support from people who can give a proper support when you have thoughts which you do not know or that you recognize are not leaving you in a state you like to be in. Life is a journey and we can support each other during it.

art and depression

This article is a journey as well – it may inspire you to find your answers, your questions and a powerful relation to yourself and everything you encounter.

Can Art break the dark, or is there a deep dark without art and a safety net?
you may yell and hurt this pain on canvas
you may give up without inspiration and live in this boring beast of greyness.

Aggressions – you may not even be aware of – turning against yourself.

scribbled, smashed, torn out of unknown depths of suffering into brutal empty papers and canvas.

Just words. Just space. Just worthless prayers for hope, prayers for trust, prayers for friends

let them drop deep into the earth. deeper than any ocean.


some are lost
they tried
and it doesn’t work
no move
no  joy
no sleep
no doubt

hard to continue
step by step

in the past nothing worked out
now sometimes grey did it
but it never is now
it mostly is past or futur
rarely now
is that possible?

 laugh with the grey monsters
Share the moment and walk with them
walk together
feed them
talk with them about the unexpected
be with yourself and be without yourself

heal and
hide or show it
at the same time
save yourself

give them colours, love, touch, attention and throw sticks
they have to get them
and leave you for a while
in a secure distance



knowing that there are days when

nothing will reach you

nothing is there to do

nothing is filled with joy





the remedies may come – before the next life


a good friend told me – you know what depression is?
It is aggression against oneself.
you just forget or could not act out the anger
and it turned against you.


this process sometimes needs courage
this process sometimes needs power
this process sometimes doesn’t flow
this process sometimes is the source

the wrong art of thinking
the bad kind of thoughts
the lost kind of kindness
the head full of walls

so many stories
covered by cold silence
it started before my daughter died
but after that
all changed
and slowly
some part of me died
with her
without her
until I love
life as it is
with her
without her
with me
without mi
alive from the future to the past
into this moment

no no

snow show
off phases offline off spirit
hide any emotion
cover it deep
blackness on paper
no no

beneath boredom
this creepy neediness
so much too much
so much missing

need time
need trust
need energy
need to be needed
deeded needed
needle needle
nie nie nie
neverending neediness
nobody needs

 dropped deep
did it did it did it
dropped deeper
no do no do no do
long after loss
loss after longing
fight fight fight
loss loss loss

exhausted lost wracked
worth nothing
no nothing
no no


nothing to hide
no structure
no borders


hide it, structure it, border it

from adoring to ignoring
a dance
but no real chance
too many wrong partners
too many wounds not healed

insecure anger
be closed
far away

inside of her
is a grave
of ripped contacts
and drama memories

they called silk
another name for  the truth
too good for this world
or too hurt for the normal

we killed the silence
we killed our love
we did and we couldn’t do better

when do we grow?
where do we come back?

an enemy like this
is a waste of time
meant to forgive
never ever
or and in the end
just now

Without Prayers

with or without
cause and effect
with or without
anger and despair
with or without
sadness and madness

as youth is lost
when monster rises
something hides
and unpleasant feels the tea time of life

with or without
deep loving parts,
with or without
touching the heart

too late to escape
nothing to improve
with or without
everything changes
it is expected
to do so

and when it changes
you are not sure
to recognize

returning cycles of suffering

with or without
I am still there
with or without
I am gone

with or without
I stop beating

soften up my
courage to fell
into whatever is



poetry with prayers


let loose

hold tight

and love

whatever is

or hate

whatever is

you are the difference
when you accept
what is

modert partnership
modern partnership



fake easy

fake joy

fake life

fake love

fake fuck

fake fake

fake real

real fake

fake off

fake on


cause if you fake it here

you can fake it everywhere

“be the answer to your questions.

Be the laughter between your ears”

fake it 

cloud prayer

  cloudy fog
cool grey will touch my dry eyes,

 mind, heart
fading colour
will get you

and fall

stay away
come far


 all the darkness
here and there
exactly now
less hope

accept the inability to accept

no start
no choice
no time

make a wish
a tiny small wish

whisper it to the grey fish
and do not search for the ears of understanding
don’t wait for the pencil of smile
you forget your pin
to the laughing youth
being without fear and anger

your joy account is lost
be the pin
and pin it

 between your lips
for 1 minute

sm i le

sm i le

the answer
on unasked questions.

the laughter
between other people’s ears

b.nonhoff,  prayer for a depressive cloud which died yesterday

smiling shouldn’t hurt

smiling shouldn’t hurt

may we smile more often
keep our pen in the air
we asked that question
yes the answer

a wonder
sometimes it is yellow

a call for love

everything is change

do not force
do not try
do not do

take the joy
by the holy smile train

b.nonhoff, countless prayers for countless beings

open heart


if you are inspired

be it

if you are uninspired

be it

and if not

be that

b.nonhoff, be

sometimes it is

It was never meant to be

hard, fixed, boring, sad

and sometimes it is


it was ever meant to be

wide, free, easy, joyful

but sometimes it is


sometimes I remember my inner melody
sometimes I connect to my universe of creativity
sometimes I am in a dark, ugly, goopy mood
and out of there, I get my source
that may is true – but not real

dedicated to inspire
make some steps and breaths
towards ourself
the need to need
it is silent

it may work
it may give
it may takes
awake awake away
free heart and mind

just as it is
as you are
it is
between all the yous and mess

possi-billing the joy of our lives
letting touch our inner wisdom
sharing the lights
before death

Kind hug
wise laughter
silent smile



handshake with your inner darkness

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