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Art is a great gift. Depression is not seen as a gift, more as a burden. Artwork can support the journey of depression. And art can be dark, deep dark and without safety net.

Displaying the dark and unwanted sides of our inner experiences is a great adventure.  Expressing and creating art can support the handling and the walking with depression. Instead of yelling or hurting yourself or other people you are able to put the painful thoughts and prisons on canvass. Without hope, without a goal, just to display what is. May it stays, may it transforms, may it increases, may it is ugly, may it is just as it is.

As you move on in creating your emotions move on. Your inner room can widen or you can express these inner prisons. Some call it an inner fight.

Here are some personal examples, text and words. I forgot the moods present when they came to me. May it inspires you or may you lose some fear, start expressing your inner pictures or thoughts. scribblings, writings, smashed colour, lonely white on canvass.

Waking up from sleeping, changing the colours of our thoughts, allowing the suppressed and craziest thoughts we ever wanted to think, speeding the voices of doubt, thinking the impossible thoughts of others, thinking about the same things only in a very different way, allowing us to laugh, talking, acting, staying inside, heating up loneliness, bringing tiredness in a soft bed, thoughts that put you up in the left sky, leaving with other thoughts to the ocean. Experience which thought is always at home, closing the door for two days and opening the windows you never thought exists. Experiment softly and full of love. Not important if or if not you or others acknowledge your inner potential. Just words. Just space.

Prayers for hope, prayers for trust, prayers for good friends and prayers for the energy connecting us with ourselves, our environment, our friends.

hopelessness, helplessness, anger, reoccurring bad moods and so on. let them drop deep into the earth. deeper than any ocean. When the silence comes that will also change and take your tour in the vicious cycle of breath and art.


You are lost
you tried
and it doesn’t work
no move
no  joy
no sleep
no doubt

hard to
step by step

in the past
sometimes grateful

to laugh with the grey monster
get a friend and share it
walk together
feed it
talk about the unexpected
be with it
hide and show it
at the same time
save it
give it colours, love, touch, attention and throw sticks it has to get


knowing that there are days

nothing will reach you

nothing is there to do

nothing is filled with joy





A   R   T      &      D   E   P   R   E   S   S   I  O  N

a good friend told me – you know what depression is?
It is aggression against oneself.
you just forget or could not act out the anger
and it turned against you.


this process sometimes needs courage
this process sometimes needs power
this process sometimes doesn’t flow
this process sometimes is the source

may you win
may you loose
I don’t know

so many stories of melancholy and sadness
covered by cold silence
it started before my daughter died
but after that
all changed
and slowly
I died
with her
without her
without me
alive in the past

at the beginning

covered in a show
off phase off line off spirit
try to hide any emotion
try to cover it with something nice on paper

beneath you recognize
so much so much so much

needed time
needed trust
needed energy
needed rituals
needed friends
needed to recover
needed patience
to continue

some friends droped me
long after I did it
some left me behind
long after I did it
some just get lost
long after I was lost
in my own

just one step.
is a beginning

Stay where you are

there is nothing to hide
there is no structure
there are no borders

so play around

hide it, structure it, border it

there is a beauty
and there is ugliness
there is a dance between both
or a distance that can not be closed

what is inside of you
any resonance
will get in contact

never found
just lost

with which part
what is the distance
where is the silence

when do you come back

or just

stay where you are

With or Without Prayers

with or without
cause and effect
with or without
with or without

as something is lost
when anger rises
something hides
when unpleasant is there

with or without
deep loving parts,
with or without
trying to escape

nothing to improve
with or without
everything changes
not only when it is expected
to do so

and when it changes
you are not sure
to recognize

returning cycles
of suffering

with or without
I am still there
with or without
slowly awakening

with or without
my hearbeat
I stop beating myself
and soften up my
courage to fell
whatever is



poetry without prayers


let loose

hold tight

and love

whatever is

or hate

whatever is

you are the difference


modert partnership
modern partnership


fake it now

fake easy

fake joy

fake life

fake love

fake fuck


fake is real

real is fake

fake off

fake on


cause if you fake it here

you can fake it everywhere

“be the answer to your questions.

Be the laughter between your ears”

fake it here

cloud prayer

  cloudy depressive fog
cool grey will  touch my dry eyes,

 mind, heart
fading colour
will get


so lets sleep
and fall



 all the darkness
here and there
exactly now

just accept
the inability to accept

no start
no choice
no time

make a wish
a tiny small wish

whisper it to the grey fish
and do not search for the ears of understanding
don’t wait for the pencil to smile
you forget your pin
to the laughing youth of being without fear and anger

your joy account is lost
be the pin
and pin it

 between your lips
for 1 minute

sm i l e

sm i l e

the answer
on unasked questions.

the laughter
between other people ear

b.nonhoff,  prayer for a depressive cloud which died yesterday

smiling hurts

may you smile more often

not only keep your pen in the air

I wonder if you have asked that question

or that is an answer

probably it is just a wonder

and sometimes it is dark

call for help





everything will change

do not force

do not try

do not do

just smile

and take the pain

the smile train

b.nonhoff, countless prayers for countless beings

open heart


if you are inspired

be it

if you are unspired

be it

and if not

be that

b.nonhoff, be

sometimes it is

It was never meant to be

hard, fixed, boring, sad

and sometimes it is


it was ever meant to be

wide, free, easy, joyful

but sometimes it is


sometimes I remember  my inner melody
sometimes I connect to my wide universe of creativity
sometimes I am in a dark, ugly, never-ending mood
and out of there, I get my source of power
that may is true – but not real
but sometimes it is

my life is dedicated to inspire
to remember me is happening
to make some steps and breaths
towards you
to dance
to inspire
to silence
the need to need
and sometimes it is

it may work for you
as many visitors before
it may give some
warm-hearted feeling
it may awake
the free heart and mind

it may just is as it is
like you are as you are
and sometimes it is
no difference
between all the yous and mess

life is a dance
possi-billing the time of our lives
life is  letting
touch your inner wisdom
life  is sharing
impress and pull the lights
life is peaceful
life is
for you
life is
for us
life was
before death

Kind hug
wise laughter
and silent smile

b.nonhoff, countless prayers for countless beings

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love yourself

handshake with your inner vision

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