multi-talented contempry artist

N    O   N    H    O    F    F               B    J    Ö    R    N

born    1 9 6 9


While studying computer science Nonhoff started his career as a musician. He was saxophonist, singer and songwriter in a German rock band called Kinderüberraschung. From writing songs & lyrics it was a short step to poetry and storybooks. They performed several gigs and tours.

After finishing his studies he started his solo shows. He created his own comedy shows and performances as comedian and storyteller. The show won several awards and he performed worldwide. Nonhoff worked together with well-known artists like Django Edwards, who did the directing on his show “a star was björn”.

Nonhoff published his poetry and story before becoming a father in 2001. As an IT architect and agile coach he made carrier in a large financial dax30 organization. On the creative side he designed and painted his book drawings and did exhibitions with his artwork near his home area. Out of this hobby he experimented with several techniques and combinations of creative techniques he can use on canvass, work and on stage.

His art book collections and video production were choosen by a jury to become part of group gallery shows. He is active in an advisory council of the art association Ebersberg.


My Art I do is born to awake and inspire. It puts the viewer on its own journey, forces him to reflect his life. Seeding an inner Momentum for a movement beyond our habits and borders.

art is an experiment of communication, a combination of direction and impact. it starts deep down in my inner journey and search for happynesss and should reach as far as possible once out in this world. 

prices and selections

comedy award shenzhen

augsburger kleinkunstpreis

Finalist – best comedian of munich

Finalist – Wiener Kleinkunstnagel


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Liebend gerne Liebend – Poetry and fairytales (2001)

freedom (2015)

Teddys (2017)

Punkt (2018)


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  1. art is art as a rose is a rose. But both are contemporary.

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