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  • Studies of Computer Science at Technical University Munich, Professor Broy, Bode, Bauer and others
  • founding of the atelier zeitreich bavaria / germany
  • member of the atelier club – guerilla secition north with assistance of Maja Ott and Hubert Maier
  • blind portrait painting and style studies with Stefan Heide
  • founder of the sculpture park vortex gallery in bavaria / germany
  • board member of the art association Ebersberg, Germany (Kunstverein Ebersberg – leader of scripture – Schrift Führer – 2017 to 2023)

art books / art publications

Solo exhibitions

  • 2003 love – Atelier 4, Waging
  • 2005 hasis – Hasi Hotels bavaria
  • 2017 like my heart – photo exhibition / Sirtl, Grafing – winehouse ltd.
  • 2018 Freiheit – Rampe, Kunstverein Ebersberg
  • 2019 flowers – Rampe, Kunstverein Ebersberg
  • 2020 white – painting behind the mask – Kunstverein Ebersberg – closed corona edition
  • 2021 birds – Rampe, Kunstverein Ebersberg
  • 2022 dandelions, – Rampe, Kunstverein Ebersberg

Group exhibitions

  • 2017 gemago – sculpture paintings and words in glonn, germany
  • 2018 yearly exhibition ebersberg – the book
  • 2019 yearly exhibition ebersberg – video installation

#bjoernmalt named towards #zeitkunstreich in 2022 after getting initiation in the holy grail by an Austrian lightworker. Born in 1969 in Munich he grew up in the atmosphere of Swedish and German working-class parents – and he got lost in Bavaria. A very rigid small-town architecture where the movements of bas spirits started and haven’t really stopped. Survived a lot of stupidities like sports education, and different school systems and learned to ride a bike with his father. Real empowerment. In the early phase, he went onto the stage and played music and composed the lyrics. As a saxophone player in a big band and a singer in a rock n roll band, the air of stages filled his heart. Too gutless to continue with the music he studied computer science with professors Broy, Bode, and Bauer and get first insights into the secrets of cryptography, computers and maths. After his exams, he went into poetry and writing. The boredom of the not yet in Bavaria invented poetry slams led him to perform poetry and comedy shows. He broke and his financier broked with him. Another girlfriend seduced him and gave him some canvas and colour pigments, so he started drawing and painting. self-educated by nature he focused on modern art he researched a lot in the wide art world to shape and find his own style. Which he still is failing over and over again. As a member of a well-known art association, he collaborated with art schools and artists to learn the bitter truth about this wild world without proper education and a lot of narrow-minded, egocentric professors. Only some punks made the people survive or some capitalists showed them how to gain some value – after all art is more than producing or more than being creative. Since the sudden child death of his daughter Buddhism, psychology, systemic wisdom, kinesiology and shamanism supported the continuous development of survival strategies.

#lineart is minimal art leaving out essential elements to the viewer.

Complex emotions and structures are transposed into multi-dimensional figures, areas in resonance with space and time. This selection of artwork invites the viewer to his own experimental journey with the artificial universe of #lineart. Lines create figures, monsters, and movements. Linart is the connection of past, present and future-shaping our view in an open way.

the beast in me


explore, inspire and wake up.

Art is an experiment of communication, a combination of impulse and impact. It starts deep down from the inside, as an inner seed waiting for the right moment to come to the surface. It is transcending time and space. Lines reflect our movements towards growth and happiness in our curriculum of facing our contemporary lifetime and death.

Art should reach as far and near as possible, build bridges between people and their hearts and invite them to enjoy the beauty and mystery of this world, which in its diversity is mostly hard to cope with. 


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