lick my heart – show your tongue

lick my heart

Zunge zeigen – lick my heart

In 2015 I did my exhibition with photos taken between 1998 and 2015 of random people all over the planet  – asked to show thier tongue. Ausstellung lick my heart in 2015 

One single question: “can I take a picture of you, with your tongue out?” and they had time to decide to show it, or not. No Studio, no special lightning, the fist shot and than I got the picture of a mostly unkonwn person and an intimate moment of them showing their tongue. A symbol of speaking the truth.

A collection with over 400 Potraits of divers people of all race and color. 

The idea was born out of a ritual I did on my stage performances when telling the story of the dragon god famo. It is a wish fullfilling story and in the climax the public is asked to close their eyes and show their tongue.

Lick my heart – revisited – 

Back from the exhibition in a cozy wine bar the photos went back into the shelf. There idea developed to add acrylic paint on those photos. Always hesitated to put the original photographs in the internet. This fear was gone as the original hides behind a a level of color.

lick my heart
lick my heart – a wall without shame

in 2021 the wall without shame was first displayed in germany.

Peaceful Resistance – Friedvoller Widerstand

to show your tongue is a peacful and powerful way of showing resistance.

an old ancient habit for some cultures like in New Zealand.
And it is revealing that we are not giving up our freedom or our right to be and live in freedom.

lick my heart - zunge herausstreckenRevisited Exhibition Plans

I do not know if there will be a revival or another exhibition yet – the idea has the potential is what I feel – and may it would be good to do it together with other colleagues and supporters.

In Perperation – #zungezeigen – #ShowTongue

A hashtag for the twitter driven art performance where all useres can post a picture / selfie with them displaying their tongue.

Internet Kunst Aktion – Twitter art performance


Zungen Zeit Zeugen – tongue witness

I am looking forward, where this idea my grow to and who will join.

Tongue Exhibiton