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Welcome to NonAnoN NFT Art! You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re an NFT artist trying to grow your network and potential. Trust, boldness, transparency, and effect are the foundation of our community. We can make something wonderful together.

We’re looking for artists who share our ideals and support each other. If you want to join our community, contact We’d love to talk about how we can work and create together. There is this large vision of the greatest art gallery at the ocean.

What we do not do is to provide NFT Knowledge for artists, materials and support. There is plenty out there and we recommend books like Mike Hagers getting rich with NFT book or the sources of NFT for artist internet. We focus on a community with time and intrinsic motivation to connect and grow.

To keep everyone on track, we’ll organise virtual kick-off activities and create a bi-weekly development plan. To have a significant influence in the art world, we want an MVP up and running as quickly as feasible. Take part in something great. Let’s make something lovely together in the NonAnoN NFT Art Community. Read #nftsocial #nftoceangallery on twitter and connect with

Do you want to learn about NFTs and meet other artists? Do you have abilities that may help an NFT artist community succeed? NonAnoN is a community built on trust, boldness, transparency, and influence. We think everyone has something special to give and that working together can achieve amazing things. Email us if you want to join us on this fascinating NFT innovation and creative adventure.

Welcome to NonAnoN’s NFT Artist Collaboration Program!

Our Artist NFT coach is named Samantha. She has a strong marketing affinity and is happy to introduce it to all interested artists, newcomers on the NFT world or experienced ones.

NFT artist consultant picture of a beautiful Consultant christina wocintechchat unsplash

We are excited to connect with emerging artists who are interested in minting their artwork as NFTs. Our goal is to create a community of like-minded artists who support and uplift each other while navigating the world of NFTs.

NonAnoN has worked with several non-digital artists in the past and understands the unique challenges that they may face when transitioning to the digital world of NFTs. We can provide guidance on how to prepare and digitize your artwork and help you navigate the process of minting and selling your NFT.

Our program is also open to established digital artists who are looking for support and collaboration. We believe that working together as a community will allow us to have a stronger impact and increase our success in the NFT market.

In addition to our support and guidance, we also offer backlinks, promotion on our social media channels, and the opportunity to participate in our upcoming NFT exhibitions.

If you are interested in collaborating with NonAnoN and other artists, please fill out the contact form on our website. We are excited to learn together and create beautiful NFTs that will be cherished for years to come.

FAQ – Frequently Questions Artist ask when moving to NFT

Q: Should I use my real name or a synonym?
A: it all comes down to taste and ambitions in the creative process. If you already have a name for yourself in the art world, using your given name may provide legitimacy to your work. In contrast, using a pen name might enable you to experiment with different writing approaches without worrying about disappointing an existing readership. It’s a great way to safeguard your anonymity and stay out of legal trouble with the galleries. The choice is ultimately up to you and should be based on what feels natural and in line with your creative goals.

Q: Should I get my own wallet?
Indeed, keeping track of and exchanging your NFTs requires a dedicated wallet. It facilitates secure transactions and asset control. You may also take part in markets and platforms that call for a linked wallet if you have one of your own. Popular wallets like MetaMask and Trust Wallet are simple to install and start using. It’s crucial that you find out what features are most essential to you in a wallet and pick one accordingly.

Q: What is the benefit to join the NonAnoN community?
1. Joining the NonAnoN community is all about growth, exchange, and learning. We believe in the power of collaboration and building a network of like-minded artists who are interested in exploring new opportunities and expanding their reach. As a member of our community, you’ll have access to personal hints and tips on where to find success, as well as opportunities to connect and collaborate with other artists. For classical artists, this journey can sometimes be daunting, but with the support and empowerment of our community, we can help you reach your goals and achieve success in the world of NFTs.

2. Absolutely, that is another major benefit of joining the NonAnoN community. We understand that the world of NFTs and digital art can be intimidating, especially for traditional artists who are used to working with physical mediums. That’s why we are committed to helping our members close the digital knowledge gap by providing access to valuable resources and connecting them with experts in the field. Our community is all about collaboration and sharing knowledge, so whether you’re a seasoned NFT artist or just starting out, you’ll find support and guidance every step of the way.

3.Another benefit of joining NonAnoN. You may promote your NFT artworks by working with other artists and using the community’s tools. If the NFT community increases, NonAnoN artists’ works may become more popular and fetch larger prices.

4.Which Advantage do you love most?

Learning and growing together: By working with other artists and industry professionals, you’ll gain information and tools to better your craft and navigate the NFT market.

Improved visibility: Being part of a community may increase your exposure to potential buyers and collectors, enhancing sales and brand growth.

Access to important connections: NonAnoN’s wide art world and blockchain industry relationships can lead to significant collaborations.

Professional development: The NonAnoN network coaches, advises, and mentors artists.

Marketing and promotion: The NonAnoN community provides marketing and promotional tools to help you sell more NFTs.

Community support: NonAnoN members collaborate, exchange projects, and support one other.

Exclusive events: NonAnoN members may display their work and network with other artists and collectors at special events.

Professional reputation: Joining a reputable community like NonAnoN might increase your artist credibility.

Business expertise: NonAnoN advises on NFT market pricing, marketing, and legal issues.

Ultimately, the NonAnoN community’s flair combines intuition, creativity, and a strong feeling of community to foster NFT artists’ growth.

Joining NonAnoN can help you excel in NFTs and improve as an artist.

The best time to be part of the NFT Movememnt

Now is the ideal time to join the NFT artist community, and NonAnoN’s community in particular, because the NFT market is expanding swiftly and there is a high demand for distinctive and original digital art. By participating, you will gain access to a network of supportive artists and industry professionals who can provide guidance, advice, and opportunities for collaboration. NonAnoN’s emphasis on intuition, mentorship, professional art networks, business acumen, and market power gives its community a unique flavour.

As a community member, you can contribute your distinct perspective, expertise, and artistic style to the community’s collective development and success. You can also anticipate receiving assistance, direction, and mentorship from other artists and professionals in the community.

In addition, as a member of the NonAnoN community, you will have access to exclusive exposure, collaboration, and sales opportunities. NonAnoN’s prominence in the NFT community as a pioneer in community development and artist support can also enhance the visibility and credibility of your own brand and artwork.

In general, joining the NonAnoN NFT artist community will provide you with a supportive and collaborative environment in which to develop your talents, network, and opportunities within the NFT art market.

What do I as artist have to do?

Artists should contact NonAnoN to join the community. You will then be coached through designing your own NFT and given technical help for minting and selling your artwork.

Engaging with other artists, exchanging expertise, and working on projects is also crucial. This builds a strong, supportive artist network, which boosts visibility and revenue for everyone.

You should also be ready to keep learning as an artist, both creatively and on the NFT business. To keep current and ahead of the curve, the NonAnoN community offers mentoring and a professional art network.

  • get in contact with an introduction, 3 goals you like to achieve in the next 12 months, your website and email, 3 expectations, 3 impediments
  • send 1 to 8 digital files you like to sell as NFT you have the full copyright
  • choose the copyright you like to give the seller
  • the number of editions
  • the price per edition

Artists’ Service Expectations:

To help artists get their feet wet in the NFT art market, we provide a wealth of information at the basic service level. This includes participation in the NonAnoN community, periodic updates on developments in the NFT art market, and an introduction to the fundamentals of NFT art production, minting, and sales. These lessons are designed to help newcomers to the NFT art scene get their feet wet.

Artist Premium NFT Service Level

The premium service level provides a broader selection of tools for artists who want to advance their careers in NFT art. In addition to the standard benefits, premium members are given preference for unique NFT art exhibits and events, as well as one-on-one coaching and counselling from NonAnoN specialists.

Artist VIP NFT Service Level

The VIP service level provides the greatest possible degree of assistance and resources for artists who want to become dominant figures in the NFT art market. In addition to all the perks available to premium members, VIP members are given precedence for high-end NFT art sales and collaborations with leading brands and influencers, as well as access to NonAnoN’s exclusive art network. This tier is perfect for seasoned creatives who are ready to take their NFT art careers to the next level.

In sum, the NonAnoN community provides a wide variety of tools and assistance for NFT artists at various points in their careers. Artists who join NonAnoN receive access to a wealth of resources and the guidance of a helpful network, preparing them for the challenges of the dynamic and competitive field of NFT art.

Trustworthy – the business Case behind the NonAnoN community

Start a profitable NFT business by investing 1000 Euro in NFT creation and marketing. Nonetheless, the NFT market is volatile and unpredictable, so proceed with care and a strong strategy.

A portfolio of high-quality NFTs sold through NFT markets might be a business case. An artist may enhance sales and reputation by exploiting the NonAnoN community’s insights, network relationships, and marketing options.

Artists might also help other artists make and sell NFTs. This may involve NFT creation, marketing, and sales coaching, wallet setup, and NFT marketplace navigation.

NonAnoN’s focus on community and cooperation can empower artists aiming to expand their NFT company. Artists may find the appropriate match for their requirements and budget by choosing from tiered service packages with varied degrees of assistance and resources.

Three service tiers for artists:

Basic Level: Access to the NonAnoN community and tools, as well as NFT development and sales coaching. NonAnoN’s social media might promote artists at this level.

Premium Level: This level may provide advanced coaching, special network contacts, and advancement chances. This level of artist may receive wallet setup and marketplace navigation help.

VIP Level: Direct access to NonAnoN’s professional network for marketing and sales possibilities and individual coaching and strategy building. This category of artist may obtain help developing their own NFT marketplace or brand.

Business Numbers – the first guess

Based on the assumptions, I can offer you a preliminary computation estimate.

If you start with 1000 Euro and wish to generate over 100,000 Euro per year from NFT sales and services.

Services: You provide Basic, Pro, and Premium artist services.
Basic: You work 20 hours every week for 100 Euro per hour. This provides you €2,000 per week and €104,000 per year (excluding holidays).
Pro: You work 30 hours a week for 200 Euro per hour. This generates 6,000 Euros per week and 312,000 Euros annually (excluding holidays).
Premium: You work 40 hours a week earning 300 Euro per hour. This yields 12,000 Euros each week and 624,000 Euros per year (excluding holidays).
Hence, art service providers might earn 104,000 to 624,000 Euro per year, depending on service quality.

NFT sales: Say you sell 100 NFTs every month at 1,000 Euro each. This generates 100,000 Euro per month and 1,200,000 Euro per year.
Depending on your service level, your yearly services and NFT sales income would be 1,304,000 to 1,824,000 Euro.

These figures exclude taxes, fees, and expenditures. Success in the NFT market depends on several outside factors. Before making financial decisions, investigate and get assistance.

Our Community Organisation

But a cooperative, a non-profit, or a for-profit company with a profit-sharing model are all possible ways to organise a community. You should talk to a lawyer and a financial expert to figure out which option is best for your situation and goals.

Some steps that could be taken to build and grow a leading NFT art community are:

Define the community’s mission and values. This will help bring in people who are also interested in NFT art and give everyone a sense of direction and purpose.

Build a strong online presence by using social media, a website, and other online tools to interact with the community and gain followers. Share content, talk to followers, and promote the community’s events and projects on a regular basis.

Community and Partnerships

Make partnerships: work with other NFT art communities, artists, and organisations to grow the community’s reach and influence. This can mean putting on events together, promoting each other, and sharing resources.

Give out useful services and tools: Give members access to useful tools, like educational resources, help with marketing, and chances to meet other people. Help artists do well on the NFT art market by giving them personalised coaching or consulting services.

Build a culture of support and openness: Make it easy for artists to share their work, ideas, and feedback by making the space friendly. Encourage collaboration and working as a team, and thank everyone for what they do.

Always get better and try new things: Keep up with the latest trends and changes in the NFT art market and make changes to the community’s services and offerings as needed. Try new things and take risks to keep the community interesting and new.

NonAnoN Art Community Mission

A cooperative, a non-profit corporation, or a for-profit firm with a profit-sharing model are all alternatives for structuring a community. To establish which choice is best for your unique position and goals, you should contact with legal and financial specialists.

Some initiatives that might be performed in order to build and grow a prominent NFT art community include:

Determine the mission and values of the community: This will help to attract like-minded people who are enthusiastic about NFT art and will assist to build a common sense of purpose and direction.

online Platform

Create a strong online presence: Engage with the community and establish a following by using social media platforms, a website, and other online tools. Provide information on a regular basis, engage with followers, and promote community events and activities.

Establish collaborations: Work with other NFT art communities, artists, and organisations to broaden the community’s reach and influence. This can involve co-hosted events, cross-promotion, and resource sharing.

Provide beneficial services and resources: Make available to members essential tools such as educational materials, marketing assistance, and networking possibilities. Provide individual coaching or advising services to artists in order to help them flourish in the NFT art market.

Create a welcoming and inclusive environment: Create a friendly atmosphere in which artists may freely share their work, ideas, and critiques. Promote collaboration and teamwork, and reward all members’ efforts.

Improve and innovate on a continuous basis: Keep abreast of the most recent trends and changes in the NFT art industry, and modify the community’s offers and services accordingly. Take chances and embrace experimentation to keep the community new and engaged.

Our Foundation and Values –

That’s the kind of solid groundwork that any community can stand on! The Eightfold Way, together with trust, bravery, openness, and a determination to make an influence, are essential virtues for both individual development and social cohesion. The community may foster a culture of responsibility, progress, and accountability if it adheres to these ideals.

Having a varied collection of people with different skills and skill sets supporting the inner circle and taking care of success and advancement is advantageous. Artists, businesspeople, marketers, community organisers, and others may fall under this category. By pooling the resources of a diverse set of dedicated members, the community may build a powerful and long-lasting institution.

To make sure that everyone in the inner circle is making a significant contribution and that the community is making progress towards its goals, it would be prudent to define their respective roles and duties. Meeting regularly to review progress, address obstacles, and generate ideas might help with this.

In sum, the community stands a good chance of succeeding and making a positive influence in the art world and beyond thanks to its solid foundation of ideals and its committed inner circle of enthusiastic and competent individuals.

Details to be added and worked on

It’s crucial to agree on how members will share communal ownership. Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain smart contracts can achieve this. The contract might award shares depending on parameters like investment or community engagement. Make sure the community follows asset ownership and distribution laws. Legal advice may assist.