innoart – art for innovative environments

Innoart – innovation and art

placing of contemporary art in an innovation lab – TheLab Munich

As an innovation coach, I came to support StartUp Projects in an innovation environment. As an artist, I was searching for places to exhibit my artwork. It was 2016 when I got the chance to combine both professions and some very large canvass came to the walls of the stairway in Werk3, Werksviertel Mitte. A trendy atmosphere to put my art in.

Started in the stairways I soon moved into the modern meeting rooms. They were equipped with modern technique, plants, table tennis and table football. So for these rooms, I needed something special. Wild. Innovative. Not framed. It was large paperwork which I ripped into pieces and used tape to put them onto the wall.

art in the style of – innovation

reflect the trial and error culture

 capture the volatility, complexity & ambiguity
VUCA world moods in this innovation zone

 work with the funding Igot – nothing

 listen to customer reactions

reflecting the values of TheLAB





rapid prototyping