10.6 & 11.6.2022
experience experiment exhibition

Dandelions – spreading frequency is joy by nature

They are contemporary
They are flowers
They are entry points to different worlds

Spreading Art is spreading frequency

The intention of the dandelion art experiment is to spreading the medicine of art in a similar way the flower did. Each flower reflects a special medicine. Altogether their purpose is to rise the joy among the viewers. Invitation to an experimental viewing experience. Like dandelions, the seeds spread with the wind in different directions and influence in a subtle and soft way.

The special for the dandelion artworks capture the universal formulas of life. Shared and spread on virtual channels instagram, twitter, youtube like the seeds of dandelions each experience is moving into all 12 interdimensional directions. In real life, these seeds will grow and express in a rich experience.

Life is frequency

Life is existing at different frequency levels. The dandelion art experiment is making use of this principle. Music and art are a way to influence the frequency, like love, smiling and emotions are. #dendelions is an experiment of raising the frequency by capturing it on a high-quality paper with aquarelle colour spread with the intention of raising and synchronizing the frequency of the viewers. With fineart this process is more subtle than with music, but it is still happening.

The exhibition

A presentation of reduced, modern paper artworks – presented in a classical way on white walls. Classical paper Passepartout’s are framing the artworks. The basic elements of form, colour, symbolic references are arranged and give space for experience and interpretation.

The most artworks were created since 1st of my up to the 1st of June.

Dandelion art experiment in the sm gallery

The experiment

Dandelions are very powerful flowers. They grow fast, their ingredients are healthy, during their growing they transform. From little leaves towards colourful yellow experiences towards a ball of seeds. Spreading their seeds with collaboration of the all elements – sun, earth, wind, water and space. They are entry points into personal views and reflections spreading on a natural way in a very short time period.

The experience

Each artwork may represents an universe on itself by reflecting it and inviting the spectator. The words of the titles connect to a music peace by using titles of pop songs, or famous lyrics

The title of the dandelion artworks

  1. Heart of gold
  2. Silber moon
  3. Spiders from mars
  4. Dancing queen
  5. And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you give
  6. The little prince
  7. The hug
  8. Hurt
  9. Personal jesus
  10. Road to nowhere
  11. The beast in me
  12. Red light
  13. If you want to sing out
  14. Where is my mind
  15. La vie en rose
  16. Under pressure
  17. Should I stay or should I go
  18. Don’t worry be happy
  19. Take a walk on the wild side
  20. Greenly
  21. Watermelon man
  22. Power of now
  23. Las palabras del amor
  24. Every breath you take
  25. Help
  26. The Ant
  27. With a little help from my friends
  28. Shine on you crazy diamonds
  29. Oh happy day
  30. I don’t lime mondays
  31. Brothers in arms
  32. What about earth
  33. The power of now
  34. Energie
  35. Eye of the tiger
  36. Bohemian Rhapsody
  37. Start me up
  38. Yesterday
  39. Come together