Grosse Geste (Big guesture) is a composition of 121 AI-generated images created for the yearly member exhibition of the art association Ebersberg by Björn Nonhoff with the music composed by Finn Nonhoff.

Researching AI and it’s ability to create art these 121 images were created by the App Wonder on a smartphone. The unlimited possibilities of AI in art creation were like a mind blowing experience in the beginning. It was both – inspiring and shocking. Most of all because of the quality and broad spectrum that the results were showing.

Instead of getting to transform some of the produced pictures into a painting, they were combined into a video collage. The viewer can have his own experience in a short time. Speeding up the sequence into a hypnotic loop the video is ending.

My son is into mixing and composing since a few years and he kindly gave a selection of his compositions. The ambient music is a cosy match, creating and supporting this experience. You may visit his profile named element on SoundCloud and enjoy or support him. Even if he mentioned SoundCloud is dead.

I decided to shape another rule and publish the video on 7th of November 2022 before the exhibition, to make it more accessible. On YouTube it is rated 18+ as the computer generated some naked pixels as images. So here is the vimeo link of the ai generated video installation as well.

As AI will have an impact and this picture and video possibilities mark just the beginning state of the technology visible and tangible it is important to take care of this development. We again are challenged to use it wisely and there are tremendous ethic topics which really should not be ruled by pure business decisions and consider humans, beings, our environment as values worth protecting and wisely connecting with. As we all already are.

but enough words – which I am sure – AI could have formulated much better and click effectively. The tool for supporting me in writing the AI press articles for the exhibition is neuroflash.

Here the vimeo linkt to the AI art video Grosse Geste –
Here a link to the AI art video Grosse Geste –

An interesting article on artificial intelligence in art – it is in german language –