Here is an overview on the differen art videos created between 2000 and 2022. The recent one is done by artificial intelligence and human editing. For the yearly exhibition of the art association near Munich together with my son I composed images on the topic of “great gesture” with his ambient music he is publishing on sound cloud. He is there with his music under the name of “element”.

Hope you enjoy it.

Große Geste – Artificial Art Video

This video was composed for the exhibition 2022 in the art association Ebersberg and consists of pictures created by AI. They were put together with the music of Finn and first shown in December 2022.

Muse and Museums – Art Video

A 10 minute video on different views of museums, installations and video art, including the biennale Venice. A video collage shot with my smartphone and combined with different slices and reals I found on my memory. It was selected by a professional jury and had its premier in 2018 at the yearly exhibition.


Here you see the art videos of Björn Nonhoff