art & poetry

A lot of years passed – and there is less and less to say

whom to teach,
what to point out
the silence after all
is the greatest story you can tell
and a good show of storytelling
is the most joyous act of common silence

Björn Nonhoff: The heart of the TextArt Evolution

Explore the captivating world of text art created by Björn Nonhoff, an innovative poet and storyteller, who is changing the art scene with his unique creations and NFTs.

In The Art World’s there is a silent sensation

Björn Nonhoff is a name you need to know. This talented poet and storyteller is revolutionizing the art world with text art, a unique blend of words and visuals. From exhibitions to NFTs, Nonhoff’s work is making waves. Read on to learn more about this art.

Björn Nonhoff: The Poet and Storyteller

Björn Nonhoff is no ordinary artist. With a passion for storytelling and a love for words, he has found a unique niche in the art world. Nonhoff creates text art, a mesmerizing fusion of poetry, stories, and visual elements. His work is engaging, thought-provoking, and visually stunning.

TextArt: The Perfect Blend of Art and Words

Text art combines creative writing with visual artistry. Nonhoff takes words and transforms them into stunning visuals, using color, shape, and texture. His work invites the viewer to explore the depths of their imagination, as each piece tells a story that transcends traditional boundaries.

Exhibitions: Showcasing everybodys talent to create and listen

Björn Nonhoff has displayed his exceptional creations in various exhibitions. As an acclaimed artist, his work has garnered attention from art enthusiasts worldwide. Nonhoff’s text art has become a sought-after commodity, as collectors clamour for the opportunity to own one of his masterpieces.

NFTs: Bringing TextArt into the Digital Realm

Nonhoff’s innovative approach extends to the digital world. He has embraced the NFT (non-fungible token) market, selling his text art as digital assets. These NFTs are unique, authentic, and allow collectors to own a piece of this groundbreaking art form.

The next generation of art and TextArt by Björn Nonhoff

As Björn Nonhoff continues to push the boundaries of art and storytelling, the future of text art looks promising. With his captivating creations and forward-thinking approach, Nonhoff is paving the way for a new generation of artists and art enthusiasts alike. It is not the ego or the fame in the spotlight, more the common experience and the value created by gathering together.

Conclusion: Experience the Magic of TextArt

Björn Nonhoff’s text art is an extraordinary fusion of art and words that is changing the creative landscape. Discover the magic of his unique creations, and join the text art revolution today!

art and poetry – by textartist Björn Nonhoff 

describe this art
yell that poem
bore me out and sell my time

composed loneliness of all influencers
struggles to be seen as prodcut
to be perfect, to be rich, to sell
this is already
our perfect hell

overdriven is size and concept
less space for life, nor wonder no self.
start up 
and be a blank paper.

end it
with a colored paper
or better on some wall.
Framed on one of millons of websites

Valued by money
sorrounded with idiots
concepts which hide the truth

No direction nor motivation
the pencil touches untouched souls
the paper moves and it is this special moment
calls to stop the now
now stop now stop now stop

unplanned choose of color
of slaves who lost their choice
placement of rejection
Acceptance is our rythm of our first transition.

art as act of emptiness

it is the silence, in which the last emotions drop,
may the fun of a unloaded workday
may the window of a closed shop
each moment expressed in a different way.

Somtimes the curiosity of detecting the viewer
leads us into our real life
let us view worlds and relations
with this curious childish smile

nothing to narrow
for no one nor another reason

In our work the relations evolve naturally
enriched by friendly and disturbing elements.

it is ok
we do not have to run
or hide away

dead moon is alive


contemporary created poem 

when we drop anger in this world
me is not the only one who is hurt

Buddhists tell this story since ages
being angry is like holding a hot coal
trying to throw it against someone
the only one who is burning his hand
is the one who holds angryness

turn around
transform these years of unseen moments,
unheard voice and chanceless moments

not knowing,
trying, suffering and sleeping

wake up

be a shooten piano
be the grass ever green
be a baby thrown into this world

Poetree tribe

be a seed
take time
see what you need
give it without owning

whom you like
to have around
love the others as well
do good and do the opposite
until contemporary time
comes by 
bye bye all our leaves
of the poetree
planted life time ago

the beast in me


our canvass can wrap our arrogance
close our pain away from this world
play and loose betrayal game
unseen seen in most eyes 
we unlearned to trust
Trees and women  

— #Samantha Version —

On our canvas, we hide our pride,
Keep our sadness from the world outside,
In games of tricks, we play and lose,
Hidden, seen, in the eyes that choose.
Trust, once known, now fades away,
In trees and women, our hearts do sway.

hate and love 

born in black blue and white.
Start dropping the flow

three children unborn
one daughter died
two sons on their way
inga inga inga problem 

the bitter taste of sudden death
better to burn out but still fading away
tears and fears

Asleep Awake

a way to survive
a way to be

perfectly lost

the own habits
forming experiments

 can’t fail
 can’t kill
 can’t cry
worthless completed but holy uncomplete

coming back to reveal
coming back to play
why there is no reason
to be lost

just state the price and keep
four three three
four three three
without me on any card


 art and poetry

art and poety

I S  N O W

it started
it ends
it is a journey
with countless births
countless deaths
to learn
to live
the darkness and light
and boredom in between
the next step
can be taken
and the end of art
is a welcome friend
called isnow

modert partnership
modert partnership

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art and depression

poetry on ronja


art Dedication – inspired by Buddhist dedication prayer

may these words and art
put the happy inside of you
and remind you
of all the happy
always there

and may we be free
free from suffering
and grow in peace
in loving kindness
in wisdom

and wise actions
beyond words
beyond activity

dedicated to the family of human beings
and all beings
prayers for our love
our well-being in peace

Thank you

the mother of my children
my mother my father my families 
my sons Per, Finn, my daughter Ronja
my patient colleagues and friends
my wise  teachers
my unknown supporters

the blessing of
Life and prosperity my bless you