new art gallery shop is robbed by blockchain hackers.

The impossible scenario was happening back in 2021

The new opened NFT art gallery of contemporary german artists around the Munich art shool was hacked by blockchain hackers. There was no interest in entering the world of shape and color nor for beauty or poetry. It was a pure insane act of robbery.

After years of experimenting with different techniques of hacking the nft algorithm, they came up with a simple – not yet patened way of cracking into the blockchang. They made the possible impossible and revealed and changed the originators of nft arworks.

They seam to dance between the crypto poetry and digital nomads. on the paper. The viewer is drawn into an experience of love and freedom.

The artist were shocked as an unknown hacker starts his unbelievable career. Without having an art university degree or any deeper understanding of his invention he made and published his nft in the top 10 museums around the globe which were experimenting and investing in the nft technology.

No collector or curator has barely heard his name, nor chosen him to buy his nfts. This drastically changed in 2020, when he published an article about art and healing and the spiritual connection between digital sale structures and the nft universe.

This made the world look for his unbelievable simple and beauty papers, in which forms dance in free space.

NFT Hacking in 2022

The hacker founded a group of specialist and consultants which are now planning to gain financial freedom by exploiting the leak they found. Stil Newspapers and secret services are not yet confirming this leak Kaspersky published the short notice on this nft hack back in December 2021.