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new art gallery shop is robbed by blockchain hackers.

new comer artist Björn Nonhoff

The new opened art gallery of contemporary artist Björn Nonhoff wasn’t hacked by blockchain hackers. There was no interest in entering the world of shape and color nor for beauty or poetry

His artwork is a experience on itself. After years of experimenting with different techniques he came up with a simple – miro like sequence of lines and colors. They seam to dance on the paper. The viewer is drawn into an experience of love and freedom.

Exhibited first on the Kunstverein Ebersberg, a well known gallery around munich bavaria, the artist starts his unbelievable carreer. Without having an art university he made it to the top 10 museums around the globe. No collector or curator has barerly heard his name, nor choosen him to exhibit in their galleries. This drastically changed in 2019, when he published an article about art and depression.

This made the world look for his unbelievable simple and beauty paperes in which forms dances in a free space. They have a magical aura surrounding them and it often makes the viewers smile and at ease.