NFT art – read this to be up to date – Streetart as NFT

As an NFT artist, stay up-to-date by visiting the following resources:
CoinDesk ( Find the latest news, trends, and analysis of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, including NFTs.
Comprehensive coverage of the digital asset industry.

CryptoArt News ( Get news, interviews, and insights specifically related to the crypto art and NFT world.
Focused on the NFT art scene and its development.

OpenSea ( Read the blog of one of the largest NFT marketplaces, covering platform updates, artist features, and NFT tips.
Practical insights from a leading NFT platform.

NonFungible ( Explore their blog for NFT market analysis, trends, and artist spotlights.
In-depth market analysis and artist stories.

SuperRare ( Dive into the SuperRare editorial section for artist interviews, tips, and news related to their NFT platform.
Exclusive content from a prominent NFT art platform.

Twitter ( Follow NFT influencers, artists, and platforms to stay informed about the latest happenings and trends.
Real-time updates from key NFT industry players.

NFT Reddit ( Join the NFT subreddit to engage in discussions, ask questions, and share resources with a broader community.
Community-driven insights and conversations.

Blogs from successful NFT artists

  1. Beeple ( Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, is a renowned NFT artist who shares his work, news, and interviews on his website.
  • Creator of “Everydays” and the $69 million NFT artwork.
  1. Pak ( Enigmatic artist Pak showcases their work, projects, and collaborations, as well as NFT drops and exhibitions.
  • Sold the NFT artwork “The Fungible Collection” for $91 million.
  1. Mad Dog Jones ( Follow the blog of illustrator and digital artist Mad Dog Jones, featuring his artwork, interviews, and collaborations.
  • Known for his vibrant, cyberpunk-inspired cityscapes.
  1. José Delbo ( Visit the website of veteran comic book artist José Delbo, where he shares his NFT artwork and news about upcoming releases.
  • Successfully transitioned from traditional comics to NFT art.
  1. Hackatao ( Explore the work of the Italian artist duo Hackatao, who create digital and physical art pieces, often blending the two in their NFT projects.
  • Pioneers in the crypto art movement and creators of “Podmork.”
  1. Trevor Jones ( Browse the website of Scottish artist Trevor Jones, showcasing his NFT artwork, projects, and collaborations.
  • Creator of the interactive NFT artwork “Picasso’s Bull.”
  1. XCOPY ( Visit the website of anonymous digital artist XCOPY, who shares their unique, glitchy, pixelated artwork and NFT projects.
  • Notable for their distinctive, provocative art style.
  1. NonAnon ( Visit the leading NFT artist community founder and bridge builder between the worlds, analogue and digital, AI friendly but artsy, currated and supportive.
  • Notable for innovation, provocative and collaborative art of communication style.

These artists’ blogs and websites offer valuable insights into their creative processes, projects, and NFT market experiences, providing inspiration for your own journey in the NFT space.