Relations – conteporary

Relations –

Aquarell Paper Contemporary Artwork

Nonhoff, 2019
Din a3 – 29,7cm x 42,0 cm
Aquarell Technique on 170 gramm paper

about the artwork:

The artist NonAnoN has caught the essence of human ties in a breathtaking aquarell creation; it is complicated, multidimensional, and beautiful, much like the nature of human interactions.

An initial impression of the artwork could be that it is abstract and disorganised, with colour splotches going in all different directions. Yet, the piece’s secret meaning and exquisite nuances become apparent with closer scrutiny.

NonAnoN has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of relationships as the work’s major topic. The piece’s use of vibrant hues is meant to convey the range of human emotion that exists inside every given relationship, from joy to rage and back again.

Each member in a partnership brings their own set of skills and quirks to the table, and they are reflected in the various hues and shapes of the artwork. Some stand out and are easily seen, while others are more muted and recede into the background.

The most remarkable aspect of NonAnoN’s artwork is the way it depicts the richness and depth of human connections. Colors and shapes stack one on top of another, each one reflecting a facet of the couple’s connection. Some are closely knit together, while others are further apart, yet they are as integral to the whole.

The beauty and mystery of human connections are captured beautifully in NonAnoN’s artwork. Though not always simple, they are always rewarding. The artwork brilliantly depicts the indescribable bond shared by two or more people, which is at the heart of what makes partnerships so precious.

NonAnoN’s art is an effective counterpoint to the prevalent emphasis on individualism and self-interest in today’s society. It implores us to treasure the connections we’ve made and to value the richness and meaning they’ve added to our lives.

In conclusion, NonAnoN’s aquarell artwork on love is a beautiful and profound work that brilliantly and creatively portrays the essence of human bonds. It’s a powerful reminder of the worth and intricacy of human connections, and a call to action to treat them with the care and attention they deserve.

in relations we connect with different views, hope and fear and develop a own dynamic.