shooting back with peace

Shooting back – contemporary artwork

2017 by Björn Nonhoff, Acryl on canvass, 220 cm x 80 cm, price: 1500,- Euro


contemporary artwork by Björn Nonhoff


creative process – making of the artwork shooting back

The original artwork was inspired by water waves. Created in summer 2017 after a peaceful swim in the nearby lake Steinsee. In an atelier session, the tears were added and recorded as a video installation.

In October 2017 in a shooting in Las Vegas more than 50 people were killed and a good friend of mine died a few days after. This all filled me with anger and sadness. So in an atelier session, the tears were added and doing this the video installation “the shooting back” was recorded.

On the next day, looking at the white tears and symetry you see in the video the work still wasn’t finished. Decided to add the anger and chaos, which was put over the emotional layer of sadness.


As the shooting and violence around this planet came to a level which is not to tolerate anymore

in my sadness I started to make a little artwork ( 200cm x 80 cm) called shooting back.

With white color in the middle of the creation process  white tears ran down the canvass.

This experiment was captured on a video with a long player of Leonhard Cohen, hanging up and starting all by itself.


 Current exhibition in Munich Startup scene

The original is now exhibited in “The Lab” in the Werksviertel am Ostbahnhof, A new cultural innovation area, where artist and start ups and regular businesses come together in a very alive area in munich.

It is placed in the innovation Laboratory of the Munich RE group – as the artist himself combines the art of making artwork and innovative software as an IT architect and agile coach.

The artwork was combined whith a more peacful work called “content – zufrieden” and were placed in a room called Hauptstrasse in the LAB.